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Unimaq inkers can run at speeds of 2200 cpm and are designed to suit any Rutherford type decorator.

Unimaq inkers feature an ENOC plate cylinders and shafts, full guarding, parallel roller water cooling manifold, and water-cooled gearbox. These components work together to ensure optimal performance even at high speeds.

Unimaq's Inker’s are built to be reliable and long-lasting. Our improved gear train features precision ground and hardened gears that can withstand even the toughest production environments. We have also added a ceramic shaft coating that provides maximum durability and wear resistance.

Our Inkers are the perfect addition to any high-end printing machine. We understand that demanding high-end customers require nothing but the best when it comes to print quality, and that's why we developed our Inkers to perform flawlessly every time. Trust us to deliver the best quality printing to help you stand out from the competition.

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