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Reduce can damage with Unimaq’s Nylatron Star wheel

At our manufacturing facility, we strive for continuous improvement, which is why we have developed the Nylatron Star Wheel. This innovative wheel design significantly reduces can damage during the printing process, resulting in faster production times, fewer rejects, and an overall more efficient manufacturing process. Make the smart choice and invest in our Nylatron Star Wheel today.

Unimaq’s Nylatron Star wheel for reduced can damage

Technical bulletin

Over Varnish Pre spin Tyre Trial - One size for all applications

Conventional production methods for the over varnish applicator roller dictates that a smaller pre spin tyre is fitted every time the applicator size is reduced.

Unimaq successfully conducted a production trial running a Ø434mm tyre with a Ø444.5mm new unground applicator roller.

The surface speed differential between applicator and pre spin is 2% and once the can makes contact with the applicator it is normalized with negligible skidding.

Moving forward this will eliminate the need for frequent tire replacements and has the advantage of only keeping one tyre size in stock.

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