We will be exhibiting at Metpack 2023 in Hall 1 stand 1B12 at Messe Essen from the 2nd to the 6th of May.

On the stand we will be launching our energy & cost saving LED Ultraviolet Mass Base Rim Coater, (UVMBRC) system which drastically cuts harmful emissions including CO2 to help the Beverage industry achieve their stated and legislative Net Zero targets.

Large corporations such as beverage brand owners must report on and reduce emissions including Scope 3 emissions, which include all indirect emissions that occur in their value chain. Commenting on how scope 3 emissions affect the 2 piece can industry Paul Finnegan Unimaq’s Chief Commercial Officer said ”emissions from the production of 2-piece aluminium cans are not only of concern to the Can Makers but the brand owner and retailer too, therefore initiatives to reduce emissions and save energy are a must for beverage brand owners and drink retailers alike”

To learn more come visit us at Metpack 2023 or alternatively contact us via the ‘QUESTIONS ANSWERED. tab on this website.

The advantages of Unimaq’s LED UVMBRC are;

A reduction in harmful greenhouse gases including CO2 and Ozone
Much reduced energy costs associated with Base Rim Coating
Short investment payback period typically 9 to 18 months
Much reduced fire risk
No requirement for intake or exhaust fans or ducting
Reduced spares and maintenance
The elimination of the use of mercury.

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