Up to 8 Colours for beautiful designs
Up to 2,400 cans per minute
All Can sizes up to 250mm print height
Quick label changeover time
Rapid can-size change system the fastest in the industry
Outstanding print quality
Very reliable and economic to operate & maintain
Suitable for aerosol, bottles and other containers

Unimaq Decorator


Quick label change
Electronic Ductor Roller control
Individual temperature control
Premium Rollers provide extended life and optimum performance
Automatic lubrication system
Inker Wash up kit and Fountain Agitator

Unimaq Inker

Ultra-Violet Bottom Rim Coaters

Increased can mobility and better can rim protection
Coating cured by UV light instead of thermal ovens
Increases line efficiency and reduces spoilage
Easier to control film thickness and application
Both can dome-up and can dome-down configurations available
Elimination of VOC emissions
Safest system in the industry Zero Accidents
All can sizes
Range of conveyor widths and speeds
Automatic system, no requirement for an operator
Fully integrated
Low maintenance

Unimaq Ultra-violet Bottom Rim Coaters

LED Ultra-Violet Bottom Rim Coaters

Reduction in harmful greenhouse gases including CO2 and Ozone
Short investment payback period typically 9 to 18 months
Much reduced fire risks
Reduced continual running costs, no need for intake or exhaust fans or ducting
Reduced spares and maintenance, Lamp 30,000 Hour Lifetime (3.4 yrs.)
No Mercury
No Microwave exposure


Over Varnish Units

Reduced varnish misting
Flat-belt pre-spin
Quick-change gravure and applicator rollers
Special applications: Tactile, Thermochromic, Fluorescent and more
Modular design for easy maintenance
Graduated, laser-engraved gravure roller
Mechanical or electronic drive

Over Varnish Unit


Single servo-driven coating head
Up to 1,800 cans per minute
Independent motor-driven pre-spin
Leading white-coat application
Pressurised supply pump and filter arrangement
Rapid can-size change system the fastest in the industry